From Nature to Nurture

  • Cobtain Limited Company produces grinding corn cob for mushroom growing, and corn cob pellets for cattle feed. 
  • Since people either burn or throw the corn cob into water streams, we, as an eco-beneficial company, aim to reduce air and water pollution from the corn cob waste. .



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Our products

 Our two main products are grinding corn cob for mushroom growing, and corn cob pellets for cattle feed.
 Being a high-protein source, corn cob is widely used as an alternative animal feed, especially in areas where the food source is unavailable.
 They are also perfect materials in growing mushrooms. After being processed, our corn cob-based products are easy to use and preserve, yet maintain nutritious.

Our products

corn cob pellets


Origin: Vietnam
Ingredient: 100% corn cob
    Diameter: 8 mm
    Height: 1-5 cm
Humidity: <10%
Usage: Cattle feed; cattle's feces-mixed fertilizers

grinding corn cob


Origin: Vietnam
Ingredient: 100% corn cob
Size: 52 x 32 x 38 cm
Humidity: <12%
Usage: Input for growing mushrooms

From natural resource, by modern technology, with high standard

3. Products are carefully packed and delivered to the clients.

2. Cobs are collected and processed in factory under close observation to ensure appropriate humidity.

1. Corns are all grown naturally in the beautiful Northern mountainous area of Vietnam.

Production Process

 We always meet requirement in terms of delivery in a timely manner to our clients

Delivery in time

Our technology can ensure the purity and clean of products during the production process

Modern production line



No chemical and harmful factors have been used when producing our products, which makes it become organic products

 Our products have been processed under international standard


Returns & Shipping Policy

Your shopping experience at Cobtain is our utmost concern. Taking special features of the product into consideration, every order will be treated case-by-case, based on our agreement. Once your order is placed, we will process it as quickly as possible and declare shipping date and return policy in the contract.

We are all ears

Thái Bình

Thai Binh, Vietnam

The customer service is amazing. I received my order by estimated time, and the products are all good. 


Saitama, Japan

I decided to use Cobtain's grinding corn cob in my new mushroom farm, and the results turned out very good. I'll buy this product again.

I've used pellets for feeding for years but this is the first time I tried Cobtain's product, and I am totally satisfied with the quality.

Sang Min Kim

Incheon, South Korea

How to buy our products

  • Send us your contact information 
  • Check your inbox or phone for confirmation from us
  • Complete payment
  • Receive your order


Please feel free to send us your message if you have any further inquiry

Cobtain Limited Company 

Address: 60 Truc Khe street, Dong Da district, Hanoi

Hotline:  +84 91 789 1616




Returns & Shipping Policy

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Cobtain aims to be a leading supplier of corncob products in the region. We plan to:
 - Expand into global market in the next 5 years
 - Utilize agriculture residue and expand its potential in the long term


Our mission is to:
 - Make the most out of the nutritious agricultural residue
 - Improve the living standards of the ethinic minorities by investing in small mushroom farms for households in rural areas


Core Values

- Quality: Cobtain considers quality as the first priority. We strive to deliver the best products and services to not only our customers but also the society.
- Eco-friendly: Cobtain guarantees to develop in harmony with nature. It is our responsibility to produce fully organic products and employ manufacturing process that is not harmful to the environment.
- Sustainable development: Cobtain adopts the sustainable approach to development. We desire to create a better life for future generation, especially the children in remote mountainous area. People can increase their income by selling us the unused corncob, which is also a way to protect their living environment.